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20 janeiro 2015

Insight - Chapter 1

San Francisco, California

   Monday. I woke up, brushed my teeth, took a shower. My clothes were already ironed and separeted, ready to be dressed. I picked up my purse, wore my coat, kissed my dog and got out of the house.
  It was another day of december, three before Thanksgiving. I stoped at the closer Starbucks and ordered the same as always: a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Going down the street of my apartment on Ghirardelli Square, I went toward the cable car.
  The bell rang and I knew it was time. I raise up on the front, which was opened, getting the cold morning wind on my face when the cable car started to move. My destination was Powell Street, where it was the eighteen floors building, head office of my publishing house. I’ve lived in the city for three years and within less than two, me and Anne, my best friend, have built an empire. She was my cat’s paw and chief editor of our company, and I was the main translator and writer in my spare time. We’ve published a little of everything, from romances to thrillers. Besides, our success was only guaranteed due to our awesome headhunter, Kami, who has valuable eagle eyes.
  By the way, I’m Alicia McCardi, 28 years old, and like I’ve said it before: translator, interpreter, writer, and owner of the publishing house Insight, the stateliest of San Francisco.
  Ten minutes later, I got out of the train in front of the Victoria’s Secret’s store a block away from the publishing house, resisting to the impulse of coming inside and blowing up my credit card. This situation started to be frequent and what I least wanted was hearing Anne complaining about how I couldn’t control my finances. I had run away from my mother but she took her place. The funny thing about it was that it shouldn’t surprise me. Since our childhood we’ve lived like this and it hasn’t changed a bit in the course of time.
  We first met with ten years old, still in our birth country, Brazil. At the beginning, I was afraid of talking to her. I’ve always been too shy and she was the completely opposite. The very first time I saw her was when I started on a new school. I’ve always hung out with my friend/twin sister Camila, and used to refuse talking with others, but then she appeared. She was daughter of a brazilian mom and a american dad, just like me, and we’ve become friends in a blink of a eye. Not that superficial thing of age. It seemed that, from then on, we would be inseparable, even when she moved out three years later. By that time, we didn’t have very much contact, but as soon as she went back everything became as before, maybe even better. We’re already in High School , daydreaming about our lives after finishing College. Little detail: she didn’t even know what occupation she’d follow. However, it didn’t stop her on promissing she’d be my partner as soon as we built our company.
  And look where we’ve gone so far.
  When we completed twenty-five, we both were hired by multinational agencies. Me as interpreter, her as editorial producer, and came here. My dear loved San Francisco. It has always been my dream to live here, on Potrero Hill to be more exact, but this last wish I couldn’t accomplish yet.
  I had a quiet life, with no extravagances, but it was the life I’ve always wanted.
  Back to the real world, I decided passing straight by the store. The label was shining, begging me to come in. I resisted the temptation. With long strides, I rushed myself to the building, the toc toc toc of my black Prada hills at full steam. I was already fifteen minutes late. Kami would kill me.
  Arriving at the building, I ran to the elevator, pressing the button over and over.
  — It won’t go down faster, no matter how many times you press the button. — I looked back, following the strong voice which was talking to me. I didn’t know the guy, but he was H-O-T. He was tall, with a messed brown hair, like he had just woken up. The face was squared, well-defined. He had grey eyes which intrigued me, and a super cute wry smile. I spent so much time staring at him that I didn’t realize his hand was extended to me. I shaked my head and greeted him, introducing me, embarassed.
  — Alicia — I said.— And you are?
  — Caleb. — He took my hand and led her to his lips. — Delighted.
  I flushed. Who would do that so ordinarily? I pulled my hand sharply, thanking God when the elevator arrived. I’ve just forgotten a little detail: he’d also walk in there. And we’d be alone. Until God knows which floor!
  I pushed the eighteenth button and rest against a corner. Lucky me, more executices entered, filling up that minimum espace and pulling us apart.
  Little by little, the number of people decreased, lefting me, him and two others. Probably he’d leave on the seventeenth floor, as I was seeing just my secretary, Liza, and a lawyer who worked a floor below. The publishing house occupied almost completely the eighteenth floor, a micro-office preventing us from ruling it.
    Caleb came closer, lowering his head till my ear, making me nervous.

  — I’m sorry, I shouln’t have done that.

  — I’m glad you know — I whispered, noticing an edge of his mounth raise. Why was this elevator going up so slow?

  — So — he started talking as soon as the elevator door openned on the seventeenth floor. The lawyer left and I waited to get rid of him too. Well, kind of.

  — Won’t you live? - I interruped him.

  — Next floor.
  “Perfect”, I thought, almost crying. The door closed and a few seconds later we were at my floor. The doors barely opened and I jumped out, waving goodbye to him and almost running to the entrance of the publishing house. Kami was waiting for me with crossed arms and a furious expression on her face.
  — Kami! — I spoke effusively, unfolding my arms in a hug. She ignored me, leaving me stand by with my arms in the air, looking like an idiot.
  — Do you know how long you are delayed? — growled.
  I checked my watch.
  — Only fifteen minutes? — I smiled, trying to ease the tension. It didn’t work.
  — You’re hopeless. And where is Anne?
  — Oh, Kami, at this stage, you should know she never arrives on time - I slapped her arm, laughing, but she didn’t think it was funny. Her eybrown was raised in reproof and her look stoped where my hand was. Suddenly, she cracked a smile and I thought I had got what I wanted. Nevertheless, her sweet tone and the fact she was looking at a point way too high from my head made me realize that her sudden happiness wasn’t directed to me.
  — Mr. Reynolds — she said, sighing heavily. Whom would be capable of causing this reaction at first sight?

  When I looked back, I received my answer.
  Caleb was right behind me, again, and offering me one of his smiles.
  — Hello, stranger — he said, making me roll my eyes.
  — Do you already know each other? — Kami asked, clearly excited. — It makes everything easier, it spares the time of presentations. Lish, Mr. Reynolds will be your trainee.
  I frozed. Did I hear it right? She couldn’t be serious.

  — Pleasure — I grimaced, offering my hand.

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